Posted by: carchayser | June 3, 2008

NBA: Where ‘Boston versus LA all over again’ happens

Before everything else, I’d like to thank Jay for inspiring me to write about the NBA Finals. I was kinda 50-50 whether to write one or not but his blog entry did it. His writing contains more in depth analysis and statistics with regards to the two teams so go check it out. You need to be his multiply contact though to be able to view it. Anyway, on with the show.

NBA commissioner David Stern must be doing a Tom Cruise right now at the sofa in his office.

Kobe Bryant has been so happy ever since the Memphis Grizzlies gift wrapped… erm… traded Gasol to the Lakers that he jumped over a speeding Aston Martin

and also over a wading pool full of snakes.

Phil Jackson’s one title away from passing Red Auerbach for the most titles of an NBA coach EVER.

This is the first finals experience for every member of the current version of the Celtics’ Big 3, or as Bill Simmons of ESPN Page 2 likes to say, the Big 2 featuring Ray Allen.

This season’s playoffs ranks arguably as one of the best playoffs as far as my puny mind can remember. I don’t even care if the Rockets lost out in the first round again. I personally prefer this finals matchup more than any other matchup, well at least for this season. And no, I’m not getting off the Rockets bandwagon and hitching to either the Lakers or Celtics bandwagon. I’m just enjoying this fantabulous NBA playoff experience which I haven’t had the luxury ever since the Michael Jordan era.

You know what? I don’t even care who wins. I don’t care if David Stern rigged the playoffs so that these two teams will meet in the finals. I don’t care that Chris Paul didn’t get the MVP that he deserved. I don’t care if Robert Horry gets elected to the NBA Hall of Fame just by being with the right teams at the right time. I don’t even care if Megan Fox doesn’t appear in Transformers 2! (Okay that last one is a little too much. Megan better be there).

My prediction? Lakers in seven. Why? Three reasons.

Reason number 1: Doc Rivers. Just terrible coaching. Yanking everybody around and not settling on a definite 8 or 9-guy rotation kills the confidence of everybody on the team. They got lucky because they have the Big 3 and they had been playing against less capable teams. Against the Lakers? Against the Zen Master Phil Jackson? Pffft.

Reason number 2: Experience: Bryant, Fisher and Phil Jackson have all been in the finals and won it all in previous occasions. Suffice to say that they’ve been there and done that. They’re not gonna feel any pressure at all.

On the other hand, it’s the first Finals appearance for any of the Celtics’ Big Three as well as their coach. They’re definitely gonna feel the pressure.

Reason number 3: KB24’s running the Lake Show. Need I say more?

Sit back. Relax. Switch to your local NBA channel and watch the NBA Finals. I don’t care if you’re not a Lakers or Celtics fan. Hell I don’t even care if you’re not an NBA fan. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride. You’re definitely gonna enjoy it. I’m sure I will.

At last the NBA’s season-long slogan has lived up to its name.

NBA. Where Amazing Happens.




  1. grabe… nabored ako! Hahahaha… jk!

  2. Sana pinanuod mo nalng un youtube videos. Natuwa ka pa siguro hehehe

  3. Di ako makarelate… hehe! But I do hope everything’s ok with you 😀

  4. Grabe mga babae pa ang nagreply sa basketball post ko. This is totally unexpected hahaha

    Yep everything’s good. Kaw din sana hehehe

  5. Wala ako magawa sa office today so might as well mag reply ako dito para may lalake naman haha.

    I, for one, am rooting for Celtics to win this one. Don’t forget the Lakers (w/o Gasol) lost in both of their games against the Celtics this season with a huge margin. Maybe having Pau Gasol in the lineup would make a difference, but I still think the Celtics can pull this off. Its just a matter of having the Big 3 playing well and the reserves to step up. Plus they have homecourt advantage.

    Come on… the Big 3 never won a single championship in their whole carreer. At least let them go out with a bang hehe

    I believe this will be one hell of a close fight. Too bad I won’t be able to watch some of the games because of (*cough *cough) what’s that word again? O yeah, effing WORK! Might as well settle for Livescore then. Celtics at game 7.

  6. Hahahahaha good points Ray but the thing is, Celts won in the regular season W/O Gasol and Gasol’s been a big part of the Lakers success ever since that trade.

    Homecourt doesn’t really mean a thing because C’s have proven that they can lose at home. Just ask the Pistons.

    I am partially for the Celtics just for the mere fact that they’re the underdogs but without the underdog factor, I’m definitely for the Lakers.

    Whatever, I’m just gonna enjoy the show 😀

    Sign up ka na din sa multiply hehehe. Mas madaming nagcomment dun.

  7. Haha meron ako account sa multiply: yuray13. Kaso topak ang access namin sa multiply at saka mabagal. Photo storage lang naman use ko dun e.

    Pumupunta lang naman ako sa blog mo kapag walang ginagawa. Natatawa kasi ako sa mga pinaglalagay mo dito. Palipas oras lng haha.

    Saya talaga mag resign. Makakanood ka na tomorrow. Kami 1 more year to go tsk tsk…

  8. Yun nmn pala e! Invite kita sa multiply hehehe. At di ako makakanuod bkas. May work ako pag Saturday e. Un lang ang pangit d2 sa family bness hehehe. Hnggang live scoring lang din ako, papanuorin ko nalng un replay hehehe

  9. Celtics akoooo! 🙂 I think Garnett, Allen and Pierce deserve the championship more this time. I’m weird.. girl ako pero super basketball fan ako. Haha!

  10. Hahahaha ayos un Cza! Masaya nmn ang NBA db? hehehe

    Partially for the Celtics ako, pero tingin ko lang Lakers mananalo despite the fact na may 2-0 lead na ang C’s.

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