Posted by: carchayser | June 14, 2008

Congrats Boston!

Game 4 of the Celtics vs. Lakers Finals series can be summed up in three letters.


Ok maybe two words and six letters.

Wow wow.

Let’s make it three words and nine letters.

Wow wow wow.

How about that comeback huh? Celtics were down 24 points midway through the 2nd quarter and were still down by 20 midway through the third.

This layup by Ray Allen after he blows by Vujacic and a half-assed defense by Gasol sealed the game for them.

Final score: 97-91 Celtics.

We may also need to award the Oscars to Paul Pierce after he was “fouled” by Kobe late in the game with Lakers in the penalty. It was nothing but a small bump and PP acted like he was rammed by a ten wheeler truck that the refs had no choice but to call the foul. PP calmly sank both free throws and set the stage for Ray Ray’s game-sealing layup.

Let’s not forget Eddie House. He was a bit tense in the first half and couldn’t come up with anything (missing wide open shots) but he reportedly got a massage during halftime to loosen his tense muscles and he came out firing in the second half. His jump shot with about four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter gave the Celtics their first lead of the game at 84-83 and it was all downhill for the Lakers from that point on.

And the main thing that won it all? Celtics defense. PP was put on Kobe for the whole 2nd half which allowed the Celtics to not throw an additional defender towards Kobe like they did previously when Ray Ray was the one guarding him.

This allowed all the Celtics defenders to stay home on their own defensive assignments and this put a damper on the Lakers offense which was running and gunning all throughout the first half. It was a smart move by Doc Rivers and so far, he has been outcoaching the Zen Master for the whole series. Yes, that also includes that Game 3 loss by the C’s.

The replay of the game was all I could catch, but I was still holding my breath even though I already knew the outcome. It was that exciting!

I was all packed and ready to ride the “Kobe is the next MJ” bandwagon but this game just put that thought to a screeching halt, maybe permanently. MJ would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever allow his team to squander a 24 point lead and lose a game altogether in the Finals. Never ever.

As for Kobe? He scored 19 points and shot 6-19 overall. He even had a turnaround fade-away shot blocked by PP! A turnaround fade-away shot is already hard to block whoever takes it and with Kobe taking it, you would think it was close to 0% for it to be blocked. And for PP to block that shot? Unbelievable.

I know I predicted in my previous blog that the Lakers would win in seven games and that prediction seems far-fetched right now. When you add the fact that no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals then my prediction has almost no chance of happening.

This might be a bit premature but I’m gonna make another prediction again and congratulate the Boston Celtics for winning their 17th championship banner. I also want to congratulate the Big Three of PP, KG and Ray Ray for winning their first ever championship trophy. Celtics fans, you may now rejoice. Lakers fans, you may now kick yourselves in the butt and then repeat after me: “Better luck next year”.

Remember, you heard it from me first.

(I hope that statement didn’t jinx the Celtics, we’ll see).




  1. Ngayon ko lang nakita tong change of prediction mo a. Kaya pala nakapagtataka natalo ang Boston nung game 5 dahil bigla ka kumampi sa kanila. Joke haha! Tinapon na nila cguro ung game 5 para sa home na sila manalo ng championship.

    What kind of game was that? 131-92! Total blowout parang practice game haha… Anyway, they deserved it after so many years. Celtics all the way!

  2. hahahahaha no chance of happening na un una kong prediction kaya pinalitan ko na hehehehe.

    Napanuod ko un game, sobrang panis ng Lakers, walang magawa sinuman sa knila. Kahit si Kobe hehehe

  3. I have been a Celtics fan from way back. I say they done one heck of a job beating the Lakers. The officials tried to help the Lakers but the right team prevailed. Way to go Boston. Maybe next year Kobe will get the cb award Cry Baby Award that is. He is way over-rated.

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