Posted by: carchayser | June 17, 2008

My New Work

Let’s stray from the NBA scene for a while and go back to reality before Game 6 kicks in.

As you all know, I have already resigned from Safeway and have been working as a sales agent or as my calling card states, ‘Product Sales Specialist’, for my father’s company.

The transition isn’t going as smoothly as I thought it would be and I attribute that unsmoothness (for the lack of a better word) to a few things:

First and foremost, our business is engaged in importing and distribution of chemicals or raw materials to different clients.  We cater to the food industry, detergent industry, feeds industry, etc.  The problem lies in the fact that I do not know a single thing about chemicals.  I cannot even distinguish them from the pot that those guys in dark alleys smoke out there.  Sure I studied chemistry when I was in high school and I remember how I hated that subject (probably the only thing about chemistry I remembered).  Because of these facts, it’s damn hard to sell something you don’t even have an ounce of knowledge of.

Nervousness is another factor which I’ve been having trouble with.  Although you can blame my nervousness on the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, more of the blame should be put on the fact that I’m a rookie in this industry.

Yeah, I’ve spoken with lots of people who I really don’t know or will never ever meet eye-to-eye during my previous stint as part of Safeway’s whatever-they-wanna-call-it-position, but those conversations were limited to the ‘me-helping-him’ topics.  Of course the ‘how’s the weather there’ questions couldn’t be avoided but never was there a conversation that involved:  “Hi, this is Adrian from XYZ Company and I would like to offer pot to you guys.”

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks here at my new job.  Acting like a door-to-door salesman and selling stuff to other companies.  The only difference is that I contact the clients through phone.  Most of them brush me off, some ask for proposals, and I have set up a meeting with a grand total of one client.  Nice.

If you’re asking for my batting average, I’m currently at .000.  Yep, no clients wooed as of now.  I should be discouraged but I’m not.  That’s just how the real world goes and considering I’m a newbie at this point, I should be happy for the experience that I’m able to get.

I guess that’s about it for my new work update.  I just hope that in the near future, I’ll be able to get comfortable with my new job like I did with Safeway.  Yes, as much as I hated it there, I was comfortable with the job.  You know, no pressure at all.

I wonder how it would feel after I make my first sale.  I hope it feels better than a 30 minute orgasm.  Wait.  Nothing tops a 30 minute orgasm, I’ll settle for a 5 minute one.




  1. ha? anong 30 minute orgasm? Meron ba nun?

  2. 30 minute orgasm? manyak ka adrian!!!!manyak!!! jk 😛

  3. @ira, dba un pig may 30 minute orgasm? Nabasa ko sa isang forwarded email hehehe

    @jenny, reference lang yan noh wahahahaha, di ko rin kaya magkaron ng 30 minute orgasm, 1 minute pa nga lang di ko na kaya e

  4. Most of them brush me off, some ask for proposals, and I have set up a meeting with a grand total of one client. Nice. <—- Mababa naman talaga batting average ng salespeople eh. Kaya expand ng expand. You should be happy with 10% success rate. If it were easy, artificial communism yun without the government ownership of properties. haha

    But keep your mind to your goal and hit it no matter what. You’ll make it big man! Congrats on your new job.

  5. Hehehehe I know na mababa ang batting average ng salesperson pero lam mo un, winiwish ko na makuha ko na sana un first sale ko. Kasi pag matagal na wala parng napapala, although sinasabi kong di ak nadidiscourage, kahit papanu nalulungkot padn ak hehehe

    Thanks dude for the encouragement!

  6. libre! libre! libre! libre! libre! libre! sa first sale ah! ^___^

  7. hahahahaha oo ba!

  8. wtf?! ambilis ng reply ah!

    slacking around like me ah!

  9. oi nde! nagpopop kasi sa yahoo mail pag may nagcomment d2 kaya rineplyan agad kita hahahaha

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