Posted by: carchayser | July 2, 2008

Drifting away… Sideways!

It was late at night, or on the flip side, it was very early in the morning, probably around 2am.  I didn’t even know where I was coming from.  All I knew was that I was driving home.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t driving my 1995 Corolla GLI.  I was driving a 1989 Nissan 240SX.  I don’t know how I knew the year of the model nor do I know how I was able to get a hold of this car but I wasn’t complaining.  If you don’t have any idea what a Nissan 240SX looks like, well I have something for your viewing pleasure:

All of a sudden, after I’ve finished appreciating the interior of the car, the road in front of me narrowed down into two lanes of long, winding, hairpin-filled mountain path with absolutely no cars in sight.  Now at this particular moment, my conscience split into two parts.  One is asking, “Where the fuck am I?”  The other one is begging, “Please please please please.  Step on the freaking accelerator!”

Who did I listen to?  Well it ain’t that hard to figure things out.  Before I knew it, I was going 160km/h on a zigzagging two-lane path which I haven’t even driven before.  Now comes the first hairpin curve.  I contemplated what to do.  Do I slow down and make a proper turn like I always do?  Or do I try something else?  Do things sideways.

You know.  Drift.

And then it hit me, I’m driving a 240SX for God’s sake.  It would be an insult to the car, to me, to every person in the world if I did this the ‘proper’ way.  As I was approaching the hairpin, I downshifted, swerved the car to the direction of the curve, released the clutch swiftly, spun the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the curve, and before I knew it, the rear end of the car was already sticking out and a lot of smoke was coming out of the tires.

I was drifting, I was fucking drifting!

As the curve came to an end, there was another one waiting for me.  It was a fucking S curve.  Once again, I popped the clutch to lose traction, swerved to the direction of the curve and the car’s rear end stuck out.  I am on my way to successfully pull off two consecutive drifts!

Or so I thought.

The rear end stuck out a little too much, and I found myself spinning.  Since it was only a two lane path, any spin could be deadly, and this was no exception.  I careened over to the barrier (which apparently was made of plastic) and fell down into the ravine and everything faded to black.

When I gained consciousness, I found myself in my room.  Yep, it ain’t hell and it sure isn’t heaven.  My arms and hands are still intact.  So are my legs and feet.  No bruises, no cuts, but worst of all, no Nissan 240SX.

I was crushed.  It was all a dream.  I wanted to go back to sleep again to see if my dream would continue but alas, it was already late and I still have to go to work.

As I went through my daily routine, my mind drifted away towards drifting (pun intended).  Well, I should be thankful for one thing.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do all those things above in real life but at least, even while dreaming, I was able to drive sideways.

You know.  Drift.




  1. if i was in your dream, i’d take a straight line with the S curve if the road was a flat one

    hahaha….talk about being lazy….

  2. hahahaha di cya ganun kadaling curve noh… di mo makikita na may curve ulit unless malampasan mo un unang curve. Kaya di pedeng straight line!

  3. wooohoooo! your version of too fast too furious tokyo drift. ang kulit! drift drift drift.. ^__^

  4. hahahaha onga e! Sana nangyari sa totoong buhay, wag lang un nahulog na part hahaha

  5. Uhmmmm… gusto ko lang sabihin na ang mahala na ng gas

  6. hahahaha sinabi mo pa. Pero di gas ang mauubos pag nagddrift. Gulong! hahaha

  7. the nissan 240sx is one of my dream cars and if you dont mind sending some pictures of if

  8. wowaw DES a

  9. that isn’t really what a 240SX looks like. the front is a facelift off an S15 (200SX) Silvia

    • who gives a fuck, the chassis is a 240 so it doesnt matter. the bumber and headlights are dif. whopty fucking doo.

    • lol your an idiot, it couldve been an s15 180sx 200sx or 240sx. and its still a 240 it just has a 1000 dollar front end conversion, i personally have an 89 240sx and yes the interior is to admire and so is the car 🙂 it does go sideways very easy, fun car pick one up man

  10. shut up bitch

  11. yea u

  12. gay az car

  13. fuck you that car is amazing

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