Posted by: carchayser | July 16, 2008

Life is good… sometimes

This’ll probably be one of the few sad posts that I’ll be making in the course of my blossoming blogging ‘career’ (I doubt there is one to begin with but please bear with me here).

You see, life ain’t always fair. Life ain’t always good. Life ain’t always going the way you want it to be.

But you know what? That’s what makes me want to live life. You never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. You don’t even know what’s gonna happen a minute from now. A stray bullet might just mercilessly pierce through the window and blow right through my temple. Heaven and hell forbid.

On the flip side, life is also full of happiness. Life is full of hopes and dreams. Watching the Celtics beat the Lakers? Now that’s a happy moment. Dreaming about drifting? How I wish I dreamed about it more often. Spending quality time with family and friends? Anytime you’re building relationships and bonds, it’s always a good thing.

Going out with my girl for our once-a-month date? Priceless. (Sorry MasterCard. Just had to borrow your punch line)

If you’re still with me at this point, you’ve probably figured out what my problem is. Yeah we had some sort of fight and I’m probably to blame for it. I’m not gonna dwell into the details coz that’s just too private.

Saying sorry just ain’t gonna cut it. Add that to the fact that we’re engaged in a long distance relationship and that makes it harder to patch things up.

Honestly, I’m quite speechless. Life’s a wheel. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. I guess I’m currently at the bottom part scratching the pavement with my ass.

You know what?  I think it’s time to end this post.

Words just ain’t popping to my mind anymore like they used to. It’s been pre-occupied by a mix of emotions, words, and a lot of mumbo jumbo that I just can’t put into writing.

Also, I think something got caught in my eye. Really, it’s time to end this. I shouldn’t even have thought about posting tonight.



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