Posted by: carchayser | January 26, 2009

The End of an Era

It’s been months since my last post and since I left you guys hanging, I’ll at least end this blogging thing by um… blogging about it.

Year 2009 is not really shaping up well for me up to this point.  Lots of stuff has happened.  Company problems, family problems, economic problems… well at least not girlfriend problems as Ira has pretty much behaved ever since the year started.  The biggest problem of them all though…

Somebody passed away.

Who, you say?

My dad.

Everything just happened so fast.  We almost didn’t have any time to react.  The cause?  Liver cancer.

Up to this point, I’m not really sure if I’ve already accepted the fact that… you know… he’s gonna be gone forever.  I believe they call this the ‘denial’ stage or whatnot.

The cancer was diagnosed as stage 4 and my dad was already suffering from nth stage hepatic coma.  Furthermore, he couldn’t undergo chemotherapy because of his weak body as he also had an irregular heartbeat and the rest of his body’s just not strong enough to handle the grueling plight of getting a chemo.

There we were, January 25, 2009, room CCU 5, Chinese General Hospital, 4:00 pm.  The computer monitor had his heartbeat at the 20-40 range (normal is 60-90).  Blood pressure couldn’t even be read anymore.  Last reading was 40/nothing.  All medications have been stopped.  The waiver form for no resuscitation had already been signed by my mom.  The agony was just too much to handle.

Don’t get me wrong.  We didn’t want him to go.  No one wanted him to go.  We just couldn’t bear seeing him in such a defeated and miserable state.  We just wanted him to rest.  We just wanted him to have as little pain as possible.  If he were able to speak for himself, I believe he would’ve wanted the same.

4:05 pm.  Heartbeat rate: 0.

He was such a great dad.  Sure he didn’t show how much he loved us by hugging or doing any of those mushy stuff.  He showed it by supporting each and every one of us in times of need.

He cared so much for us that he had forgotten to take care of himself.

He was at that point in time where he was just starting to become successful.  He was at that point where he was about to reach his lifelong goal of being well-known in the chemical industry.

Fate can be cruel sometimes.  Before he could even savor the fruits of his labor, his life was taken away from him.

It’s the end of an era.

Sure a new one will take its place, but this one will definitely hold a special place in not just mine, but all the other people’s hearts whom my dad has crossed paths with during the course of his life.

This will also be my last blog post.  And I dedicate this to my dad.  A loving and caring person, who thought of everybody.

Everybody but himself.

In memory of Alfredo K. Law, businessman, father and friend.  Rest In Peace.



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