Posted by: carchayser | November 29, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Boracay

The first thing that comes to my mind and I’m sure, a lot of other people’s minds when a 3-day weekend starts to creep in is an out-of-town vacation.  And since this 3 day weekend came close to me and Ira’s birthday, we decided to celebrate it with the barkada.

On our first day, we decided to go for the activity called helmet diving.  It was quite expensive at 1,500php each but since it’s our first time, we decided what the hell and went for it.  There were underwater videos and pictures taken so I believe it’s all worth it, uh… sort of.

And then, we went on the flying fish which is sort of like the banana boat but with a slight twist.  Our floatation device more or less flies through the air.  We had to hold on to some handles in the device but of course you needed strength to do that.  One of our friends fell off twice!  We were all laughing our asses off!  After it all, I don’t even know which part of my body hurts more, my arms or my stomach from laughing so hard.

We were a bit exhausted after those two activities and rightly so.  We found a steakhouse and decided to eat there.  The meals were a bit on the pricey end at 450+php per meal but we thought we would be very satisfied after it all.

What was unexpected was that although the dishes were big enough, me and Ira were still feeling a bit ‘bitin’.  Good thing Ira brought along a Century bangus!  We opened the can and dug in right there and there in the sand.  It was a bit unorthodox but fulfilling your stomach urges don’t need no time or place.  You just eat.

The bangus was delectable and not what we would normally expect from a canned good.  Although of course, it’s what you would expect from Century-branded products.  Thanks to Century Bangus, our stomach urges were fulfilled.



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